End of week 8

I spent most of my time at the public library in the usual way:  choosing reference and nonfiction resources and preparing for my class.  This class was the last of the “proper” computer classes, with the last week’s class simply being a time for the patrons to practice using the skills they were taught in the other classes.  I also found out that I would be getting some training in genealogy next week.  This was something that Mark had mentioned as a possible area of training earlier, but we weren’t sure if we’d be able to get to it.  As it turns out, I should be able to come in one day next week and receive some training in the library’s genealogy resources and just get an overview of what the library offers in that regard.  Next week’s schedule will be a little weird.  Since the staff development day at the academic library is on Thursday, I’m having to switch Thursday and Tuesday on my schedule.  I’ll be going to the public library on Tuesday and the academic library on Thursday.  So, it looks like I’ll be getting the genealogy training on Tuesday.  I’m looking forward to it!  It’ll be something new, anyway.


So this class was an overview of Microsoft Word.  Since it’s the most popular word processing application, I figured it would be useful to put together a class on how to use it.  I think it went pretty well, even though I only had one person show up.  He definitely learned some things, though!  I wish there was a better way to publicize the classes.  It’s kind of a catch-22:  the best way to advertise the classes is through the internet, but most of the people who would benefit from the classes are not internet savvy.  So, we’re having to rely on signage.  I don’t know if people just don’t know about the classes or if there is not much demand for them.  It’s something to think about and work on if we want attendance in future semesters to be better.


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