Week 8: Down to the wire!

It’s getting down to the wire now (less than two weeks left!) and it certainly feels like it.  I’ve been really busy so far this week, selecting resources for my display and for the college’s ready reference section.  I think my display is going to have four categories of books, each corresponding to a class the students at Hogwarts had to take.  They will be Herbology (botany), Care of Magical Creatures (zoology and cryptozoology), History of Magic (fantasy), and Defense Against the Dark Arts (horror).  Now the trick is just finding the books to go into these categories and arranging them so they look pretty.

It had been a while since I’d worked at the circulation desk, so I wanted to get a refresher there before I left.  I went over interlibrary loan procedures again with Yolanda, and I think I really got them this time.  The first go round I was a little overwhelmed with everything I was learning, and I don’t know that everything that I was learning really sunk in.  This time, though, I understood things better.

On top of that, Jacqueline also asked me if I wanted to do a presentation for the college’s upcoming staff development day, which will be next Thursday.  I told her I’d do it.  It’s more work, yes, but it’s also an opportunity to hone my presentation skills.  I’ll also get a chance to share some of the things I learned at ALA Annual.  I think I’m going to do a presentation on web tools that can be useful for academic libraries.  I went to a couple of presentations on that subject, and I think I’ve got some good things to share.

It was business as usual over at the public library.  I finished going through my first print book and am now continuing with the ebook and another one of the (huge!!!) print books.  There is no way I’ll get through the whole book, but I’ll do my best!


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